Welcome to Gray Tarot.

This is my first foray into the public eye. Normally I practise my art
in the drawing rooms of select friends, people I’ve met on my travels,
friends from university, associates from certain clubs, and fellow practitioners.
And acquaintances of all of these: my name circulated by word of mouth for years.
I often attempted to refuse pay, as I am a man of independent means,
but I’ve come to see it as a display of gratitude for my guidance,
a ritual for the Querent not unlike my own rituals.

However, I’ve come to feel a certain stagnation. I’ve seen the same faces
for too long, and I have the intuition that if I cast a wide enough net,
I will find someone truly interesting. And what wider net than the internet?
For this, I prefer epistolary correspondence: in other words, email.

If you desire my services, you must give me the scent of your soul.
To make a true mystic connection, you must speak sincerely to me
in your Querent email, in addition to the question whose answer
you seek. A lie would kill the connection and the ambience of the reading:
even if I couldn’t know the material facts of your life, the reading and ritual
would be non-responsive, and I would realise.

Only a few sincere words are necessary, but they must be from the heart.

-Charles Gray


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