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I had never had a tarot reading before, so I was both skeptical and a little fluttery in the stomach
while I waited for Mr. Gray’s reply… but when I got it, I felt as if I were in the hands of an expert… with his guidance things became clear…
-Caroline M., London

I came across Gray Tarot one night while running a random Google search
I was just browsing around the site, but reading it, there was something was in the air
I’d like to say that I don’t believe in this stuff but the basic reading I tried was a little too on mark
I need time to think about it
-dawkinsky87, New York

What’s uncanny was that he was able to do this purely through e-mail.
He couldn’t have gotten this insight from observation, so where did it come from?
It’s like drawing a map of the world from a view through a keyhole.
It shouldn’t be possible.
-Chase, Boston

i was feeling lost before i started writing to mr gray. hes like a defogger.
he helps me see where to go and he never judges me.
-katie k

Very good stuff, prompt and all that. Keep reading it over, I’m beginning to see things happen.
-George Smith, Surrey

He guided me through a time I don’t want to talk about with anyone else. But him I can trust.
-Maria G.

I think you must be very like me. How else could you get it?
But whatever, I’m pleased, though you were barking up the wrong tree about the woman issues.
I don’t have any, and it was her fault.
-Joe P.

I have a long way to go but I know I can wash away old memories with his help.
I could help you too, Mr. Gray, if you’d give me a chance.

I consult with Mr. Gray on personal issues, and he just frees me to be me.
I didn’t realize I could do that.


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